In Parenting News: Leaving Your Kids In A Hot Car Is Not A Punishment! It’s A Death Trap

One would assume that a parent would know better than to lock their kids in a a car with temperature well over 90 degrees. There have been many examples of parent being prosecuted for these deaths over the course of the last few years. Yet, incredulously we see it time and time again as if the bar has not been set low enough.

Enter Cynthia Marie Randolph, a mother of two in Weatherford, Texas who became upset when her kids, Cavanaugh and Juliet Ramirez refused to get out of the car. Now mind you the children are no more than two years old. Instead of removing the children physically from the car, she decided to teach them a lesson by locking them in the car. She then proceeded to smoke marijuana and take a two hour nap while her kids slowly died of heat exhaustion.

There is a profound lack of judgement and accountability when you hear stories such as these. What kind of lesson is a two year old to glean to being locked in a car? One has to simply consider that mom didn’t want to be bothered, lit one up, and disappeared into her own world, only to be woken by the horrific counterpoint to her decision.

This is such a tragedy. It is a tragedy that didn’t need to happen. Randolph is being held on two counts of Serious Bodily Injury To A Child.


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Man Murders Wife And 3 Mos. Old Child

Perpetrator: Craig Vandewege

The holidays are supposed to bring the best out of us but more often than not, troubled people often snap around the festivities.

Craig Allen Vandewege is one such person who “broke” in this way. He leveled brutality on his wife and children, that can only be described as sick.

The 35 year old Vandewege is currently being held in Colorado facing a Capitol Murder charge in Fort Worth, Texas. It is there that he is suspected of murdering his wife Shanna, and their son Diederik. Apparently leaving them next to each other in bed, with their throats slit. Diederik was only three months old.

Victims: Shanna and Diederik Vandewege

According to local ABC news, a co-worker of Vandewege, alleged that Craig was hearing voices urging him to kill someone. He also heard the suspect talk about “pushing” his then pregnant wife “down the stairs”.

Once again, I am left wondering, why this person did not report these discussions to police or a manager of some sort? Could someone have intervened and perhaps saved a life? We will never know the answer but, I find that indifference to such comments, lends itself to the crime.

To add to the touch of crazy that is Craig Vandewege, he was found to have his wedding ring in his pocket along with an assortment of condoms along with stating to homicide detectives that “he was headed to Las Vegas to see Donald Trump to work it out with him.

Along with the condoms, after his arrest in Colorado, detectives later discovered an AR-15, .22 Caliber revolver, boxes of ammunition, and camouflage clothing.

I am not legal counsel but it seems to be that Vandewege was caught trying to sow his wild oats and setting up the crazy defense.

As always…my prayers go out to the family.


Man Murders Girlfriend And Post Pictures On Facebook

Perpetrator: Kenneth Alan Amyx

This is a developing story of a Plano man, Kenneth Alan Amyx, who is accused of stabbing to death his live-in girfriend, Jennifer Streit-Spears. He then proceeded to take pictures of Ms. Spears’ bloodied body and a picture of his own self covered in blood, with the caption: ‘Please Pray For Us’. Presumably this was his way to get the word out that he had done something horrific. Police came at the request of Spears’ sister who saw the images. They found the victim deceased and the assailant with several self-inflicted stab wounds.

Victim: Jennifer Streit-Spears,

Amyx is currently being held on $600,000 bond for the murder of Ms. Speirs. And to go along with that charge, it seems as though he was also wanted for the charges of continued sexual abuse of a child and indecent exposure to a child.

Clearly, Mr. Amyx is a very disturbed individual, and my heart goes out to the family of Ms. Speirs.

In Parenting News: Mother Refers To WebMD For Son’s Gunshot


Deborah Tagle: Mother Who Refers To WebMD For Gunshots



Perpetrator: Pete Jesse Rodriguez

This story offers ‘stupid’ on a variety of levels.  First off we have Pete Jesse Rodriguez, a 24 year old, was tracking a 14 year old with the sites of his handgun.  This resulted in him shooting the boy in the thigh.     Ummm, why?  They don’t have regular family friendly activities in Santa Fe, Texas?  Rodriguez is identified as a ‘family friend’ who lives at the residence.  (Note to self: Famiy friends with handguns not welcome in my house)

Secondly, after the boy is shot, his mother (Deborah Tagle) decides that a gunshot wound does not really qualify as an emergency and consults the ever popular WebMD website.  Not only that, but her son peels himself off the floor and helps his mom perform the search!  Now I am far from the perfect parent, but this is one of the most absurd things I have ever heard.  The only excuse for this is just a total disregard for your child’s well-being.   I can’t even comprehend.  But to her credit, she did eventually drive her son to the hospital…after seven hours had transpired.

And how did the police know what had transpired inside of the home?  Did someone come clean with the story?  Of course not.  But just like yours and my house, theirs was wired with security cameras which picked up the detail of events.  Wait a minute?  What?  Why would someone wire the inside of their house with security cameras?  Unless…<you fill in the blank here>

Last I heard both parent and shooter are in jail…


Argument Over Dog Feces Brings The Guns Out…Two Die


Yeah.  It’s upsetting when dog poop lands on your porch and it’s something you might get confrontational about but it’s hardly worth blasting your neighbors over.

I think a lot of this story has yet to play out but the premise for this violence is absurd.  According to the police story this was all based over a long standing argument over dog feces being washed from one neighbor’s porch onto another’s.  Evidently, Mr. Kim lived underneath Michelle Jackson and Jamie Stafford.  According to police Mr. Kim shot Ms. Jackson on her balcony (was she leaning over?) then made his way upstairs and shot Mr. Stafford as he tried to escape.

Mr. Kim asserts that it was Stafford who pulled the gun first and he used his expertise in martial arts (he’s 75, and Stafford was 31) to disarm him and shot him in self-defense.  He does not remember killing Ms. Jackson at all. 

Dog poop…geez…


Texas Man Abducts And Tortures Neighbor

  1. This article recounts her police interview in which she originally defends Maxwell.  She said that he had been ‘good’ to her.  But then she soon lets into the details of the events of her captivity and suddenly Mr. Maxwell doesn’t seem like the nice neighbor.
  2. This article basically explains the ordeal that this woman had to through.  It is as she said when she was testifying.  It is truly a gruesome and sickening event.
  3. Maxwell was convicted and faces up to life in prison after being found guilty of aggravated kidnapping and two counts of aggravated sexual assault
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    awa: Texas ‘House of Horrors’ Rapist Found Guilty: Texas “house of horrors” rapist, Jeffrey Allan Maxwell, who held…
    Wed, Feb 22 2012 17:12:12
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    GUILTY! For Jeffrey Allan Maxwell for raping his former neighbor on a deer-skinning device and chaining her to a bed after kidnapping her
    Tue, Feb 21 2012 18:22:21

Kindergarten Sex Club – Dallas Edition

Just a few miles north of my home in Austin, Tx, a host of individuals decided it would be a great idea to drug some 4 and 5 year olds with ‘silly pills’ (vicodin) and have the kids perform stripteases and sexy dances for the adults.   I know the world is sick and twisted, but come on!    This is just light-years ahead in depravity.

Originally the seven defendants were given life sentences but then, due to ‘procedural errors’, those sentences were overturned.   Now, a few of the defendants were offered plea deals and will soon be back on the streets.  Wonderful…

Check your area for sex offenders mom and dad.  You never know who might be lurking about.

Original Story From MSN