Sex Worker Sues Tycoon For Bad Date

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Do prostitutes have ‘bad dates’? I guess I can see that, although the term ‘date’ really takes on a completely different context here.

So the story takes place in Vancouver, Canada, where tycoon David Ho (pictured above) hires Kayla Reinfjell (also pictured, I will let you decide who is who) for a night of debauchery. Apparently, David Ho has a reputation for living the high life…literally.

So Kayla and David have sex and smoke crack cocaine (really?) from 12:00am to 4:44am. I guess that was enough fun for Kayla, but David would not let her go. His mansion is surrounded by a moat. That’s ok in medieval times but a little creepy for 2008. They struggled, he basically stripped of her clothes as she tried to escape. She jumped a fence and broke her ankle. She then proceeded to call her dad for help and stated: “Dad help me. I am on a bad date.” That my dear, is the understatement of your life.

Crack, prostitutes, and a guy with a moat just makes for a bad evening for someone. The only guy we know who has pulled that off successfully in modern times has Tiger Blood running thru his veins.

Source: Global Post