Boy Doesn’t Like His Uncle, So Kills Grandma To Inflict Anguish


Sadistic often is a word that gets thrown out too frequently but I think this young man definitely qualifies. Jasper Aristotle Smiddie (Aristotle, really?) didn’t like his uncle. He thought about killing him, but then thought, ‘If I kill his mother, that will inflict maximum pain.’ So that’s just what he did. He killed his grandmother, but not only did he kill her…he overkilled.

Jasper stabbed his grandmother, Gloria Helfrich, over 90 times. He then hit her in the face with a wrench. He then, put a crossbow arrow through her head. Gloria was 67 years old.

Sick, depraved, and sadistic sum up the character of this boy and it is the prime example of someone who goes out of his way to hurt and torture someone else.

Source: Crimesider